A long-term rental agreement, and a form of secured long-term debt. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. lease lease 1 [liːs] verb [transitive] COMMERCE
1. if you lease something to someone, you give them the right to use it for a particular period of time in return for payment:
lease somebody something

• The local authority leased him the property.

lease something to somebody

• AT&T leased the building to Sony and said it would find cheaper space elsewhere.

lease something out (to somebody)

• We lease the land out to the forestry people.

2. if you lease something from someone, you pay them to let you use it for a particular period of time:
lease something from somebody

• All its scientific equipment is leased from another company.

— see also sublease, sublet
  [m0] II. lease lease 2 noun [countable] LAW
a legal contract that allows a person or organization to make payments to use something for a particular period of time:

• The initial term of the lease (= the time that it lasts ) is 10 years, with three additional 10-year renewal options.

• The company leases cars to corporate fleets and then sells them when the leases expire (= end ) .

ˈaircraft ˌlease COMMERCE LAW
a lease of planes by an airline:

• The largest portion of the airline's debt load was from off-balance-sheet aircraft leases.

ˈbuilding ˌlease PROPERTY LAW
in Britain, a lease on land where the person or organization leasing it builds buildings and pays rent for the land
ˈcar ˌlease also ˈauto ˌlease LAW COMMERCE
a lease allowing someone to use a car:

• She set up her first car lease business in 2000.

deˌrivative ˈlease
PROPERTY LAW an arrangement in which a person renting a property with a lease arranges another lease on the same property, allowing another person to rent the property from them — compare sublease, sublet
ˈdry ˌlease COMMERCE LAW
a lease where an airline leases aircraft directly from their maker or from a leasing company, rather than from another airline:

• The deal between Croatian Airlines and Airbus includes the dry lease of an A320 model.

eˈquipment ˌlease COMMERCE LAW
a lease for machinery, vehicles etc used by a business:

• The mining company may be unable to pay its rental obligations on $3.8 million in equipment leases.

fiˈnance ˌlease also fiˌnancial ˈlease FINANCE LAW
a lease in which a company obtains land or equipment with a bank buying the assets and leasing them back to the company:

• It has the opportunity to finance these assets by way of rental payments under finance leases rather than by direct acquisition.

ˈoperating ˌlease LAW
a lease allowing a company to use particular equipment:

• An operating lease lasts for a much shorter period of time than the economic life of the asset.

reˈpairing ˌlease PROPERTY LAW
in Britain an arrangement in which the person renting a building is responsible for paying for repairs to it
ˈstore ˌlease COMMERCE LAW
a lease allowing a person or organization to run and operate a shop:

• BizMart agreed to acquire five store leases in Minneapolis from Highland Superstores.

ˈwet ˌlease COMMERCE LAW
a lease in which an airline flies between two countries with aircraft leased from an airline in a third country

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lease UK US /liːs/ noun [C] COMMERCE, LAW
an agreement to pay money in order to use land, a building, a vehicle, or a piece of equipment for a particular period of time: »

The company signed a lease for the property in December.


The original tenant remains liable throughout the entire term of the lease.

a lease expires/runs out »

The lease expires in 2026.

a 10-/20-/30-year lease »

The company is trying to extend its 30-year lease (with 24 years left to run).


a lease agreement/contract/payment


a long-term/short-term lease

See also AIRCRAFT LEASE(Cf. ↑aircraft lease), BUILDING LEASE(Cf. ↑building lease), DERIVATIVE LEASE(Cf. ↑derivative lease), DRY LEASE(Cf. ↑dry lease), EQUIPMENT LEASE(Cf. ↑equipment lease), FINANCE LEASE(Cf. ↑finance lease), OPERATING LEASE(Cf. ↑operating lease), REPAIRING LEASE(Cf. ↑repairing lease), STORE LEASE(Cf. ↑store lease), WET LEASE(Cf. ↑wet lease) noun
lease UK US /liːs/ verb [T] COMMERCE, LAW
to agree to pay money in order to use land, a building, a vehicle, or a piece of equipment for a particular period of time: lease sth (from sb) »

The firm recently made plans to lease another 8,000 square feet from the property company.

to make an agreement by which someone pays you money in order to use land, a building, a vehicle, or a piece of equipment for a particular period of time: lease sth (out) (to sb) »

They are keen to lease out the aircraft to private companies.

lease sb sth »

He gave equity to the firms that leased him office equipment.

See also LESSEE(Cf. ↑lessee), SUBLEASE(Cf. ↑sublease) noun, SUBLET(Cf. ↑sublet)
See Note RENT(Cf. ↑rent)

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